Your Distraction Artwork



Look out, the king has turned
Stretch your legs and let the order burn
Come on,
False gods, flowery chains
Too late we caught you in the game

You've been getting so fat
Well, take it as a tip for free
We'll pop that belly for you
And share you out equally

Do you want it to change?
That's up to you
Tired of all the same streets
That's up to you
Tired of all the same streets
That's up to you
Do you want it to change?

Sweet talk, advertise
Tells us what we should desire
Come on,
Dead toys filling the space
Fix your lover with a sellotape face

It's been getting so cold
Your photograph suit is insane
We'll throw you down a diamond hole
And see ourselves with both eyes wide awake

Every breath was a desperate stride
I was chewing on the dry bones of modern life
So you set alight my frozen soul
With your gentle rotten berry flow

The memories die
I'm laughing inside ah
haaaaaaaah haaa haaa
A glassy eye'd sigh
Cry baby cry
waaaaaaaah waaaah waaaaaah

Now the gravestones shake and torches light
This is where the dead men come to dine
And I'll pretend
That it's not me
It's just the seeds
Growing in my head

I know your love won't destroy my cell
I'll fill up my spike and do it myself

When my love is dry and there's no affection
I know that I can count on you
To twist me in the other direction
My dirty paradise is due ooh oooooOo

Take a sad song
And make it less real
Take your one night stand
And call it love
Take a broken dream
And make it fantasy
Take a black bouquet
And let it take you

Let's throw out our alarm clocks set our bodies to the sun
Let's learn all of the languages and say no to everyone
And let's decorate the chapel with a wall of loaded guns
Well, if you want
No that's fine
I don't mind

Let's watch a million movies and just remember one or two
Let's break a million hearts and pass around a stick of glue
And let's laugh at every joke and suicide at thirty-two
Well, if you want
No that's fine
I don't mind

And we can fill our houses with paintings
Tell everyone we did them all ourselves
We're trying all we can and we're failing
But isn't that the only way we'll learn

Let's plants seeds in the graveyard with our tears to wet the dirt
Let's taste a million mouths that never will wash out the first
As all the women shit on all the faces peeping up their skirts
Well, if you want
No that's fine
I don't mind

Let's swallow every poison with our tongues too numb to feel
Let's listen to a psychic and say he's on to something real
And let's torture all the magicians and see every trick revealed
Well, if you want
No that's fine
I don't mind

And we can walk a straight line forever
And find ourselves right back where we begun
We've just called off the search for heaven
Picked up our bricks and started one right here

All this useless dreaming wearing me down
Wake me up
So I can find a new one

All this silent screaming I hear so loud
Splash my face shake me out
Tell me I am no one

And I know there's nowhere I'm going
It's a daisy chain and I'm choking
But it's all too much to see
There's a place where I can breathe
Just send me
Back to sleep

All this blind believing wasting my head
And I forget
What it all meant

All this useless dreaming dragging me down
Without a sound I hit the ground
In an Innocent hell

And it feels alright but I'm stalling
It's a bright blue sky and I'm falling
So if it's not too much to ask
Take this Corinthian casket
And send me
Back to sleep

This is what you get for believing
This is what you get when you don't

Wake up
Wake up
This is my final time
No more excuses
No this is my final time
No excuses
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up

Got the heart bends again
Now I'm on rewind
Trying happiness just one more time
Do the heart dance again
I promised I was done
Feeling something new about this one

Now the heart bends again
I was so alone
Better to be used than on your own
So do the heart dance again
I can do it all
Up until the day when someone falls

I know how you feel
Wish I did not
Oh that's too real

And so the heart bends again
It's funny and it's sad
Chewing on my lips to make it last
So do the love dance again
Only till we find
I am your distraction you are mine

Nothing to say
but beautiful
Now, what to say
Is that how you feel
Whatever, why not
Let's get unreal

By this time I should have learned
But I come back here again and again and again
And there you are looking kind of cool
But I'm no fool
Oh look, it's happening
Now I'm running out of words
How do you do sweet ingenue
Lying just to hold conversation
And there I go again
And I meant what I said but I don't anymore
No you're wrong, no you're wrong, no I'm sorry
It's over
No you're wrong, no you're wrong, no I'm sorry

Your Distraction Artwork



I hate you because
You're so emotionally stable
And I am not
You've got your head in the right place
Mine is off
Your life's an adventure
And I am lost
And you will blossom as I rot in the back
And I envy the simple fact
That you
Are afraid
To die

I hate you because
You radiate laughter
While I cry
You've got the confident swagger
And I'm terrified
You can do without trying
And I only fall
And you
Can find peace when you're alone
And it makes me sick to the bone
That you
Can't hate

And you can make anyone you meet
Feel like they are special (oh yes, you can)
But if you work that charm
On everyone
Then logic would dictate it
That no one
Is special
At all

Goodnight Starlight
You've been dead so many years but
The show must go on

Goodnight Starlight
No no no there was no dream and
Soon you'll burn out

Goodnight Starlight
I'm afraid you're one of many
All the same

Goodnight Starlight
Dizzy mind that won't stop asking
For some meaning

Goodnight Starlight
I can hear the night skies yawning
Down at you

Goodnight Starlight
All the fools that stared for too long
Follow blindly

Goodnight Starlight
Interstellar mass confusion
Red, white, blue

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